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The Mineral County Development Authority reviewed the mission statement as part of the strategic planning process. It decided the mission listed in the 2007 Strategic Plan generally described the work it did and desired to do. A single change was made – it was decided to use the word “citizens” rather than “clients” at the end of the statement. This shows that the MCDA works for everyone in the county, not just those that seek (or need to seek) its services. The new mission statement is as follows:

The MCDA seeks to develop Mineral County by promoting growth through responsible development and creating a welcoming climate for existing and new businesses and citizens.

The return to this mission statement (albeit slightly modified) also reflects a change from the broader statement listed as the development authority’s mission on its webpage. That statement is: “The mission of the Mineral County Development Authority is to enhance the welfare of all Mineral County citizens.” It was felt that this statement was not only too broad, but that it did not address the main function of economic development and that it could result in mutually exclusive objectives being put forth to meet the overall organizational goal.

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